Precision Tint provides the best quality window films.

Reduce your energy bills.

There’s nothing like a big bay window to draw customers into your shop, or a window view of the garden for your favorite office dwellers. The Louisiana heat and sun is unforgiving, and big, display windows can mean high energy bills in the summer as you try to keep your customers comfortable.

Provide privacy.

Window films come in a number of attractive shades, colors and finishes, so Precision Tint can match a film that fits with the aesthetics of your residential or commercial building. This will provide a high level of privacy to your customers, making it difficult for people passing by to see inside.

Protect employees / customers from the harmful effects of sun damage.

UV rays cause skin cancer and aging. They can also cause fading in furniture and finishes. Your residents and customers are not protected from these rays inside your buildings, as UV rays can pass easily through windows.

Safety & Security

Window Films provide protection for Industrial, Commercial, and Government properties. By blocking ultraviolet rays, deterring smash-and grab robberies, and preventing flying glass shards from causing injury during violent storms, Safety & Security Window Films offer increased protection for a variety of applications.

Benefits of Commercial Tinting:

  • Dual-Reflective, pleasing interior appearance
  • Warm, elegant, neutral appearance
  • Excellent solar performance
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Fade and corrosion resistant
  • Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty